Frequently asked questions

Here are all the questions our friends asked us when
we were coming up with Pixel Fiesta.

What makes Stacked Social stand out from the rest?

Most unlimited graphic design services kick back and wait for the requests. We suggest content to be created every week, so you get the most out of your subscription!

Is it really unlimited designs?

YES! It's as unlimited as food used to be at a buffet pre-COVID. Depending on what plan you choose you can either have 1 or 2 concurrent tasks but you can ask away and we will get to your requests in the order they were received.

When can I expect my designs?

Once you submit a project, your designer will immediately get a notification. They begin working on it, and get your request back to you within 24-48 hours.

Can I resell any of the work Stacked Social creates for me?

Absolutely. You own all the rights to the designs created for you.

How does Pixel Fiesta compare to hiring a freelancer?

We only source top tier designers that are located in the United States. When you sign up for Pixel Fiesta, you aren't just getting a designer, but a creative strategy coming to your inbox each week that guides you what to ask for. Freelancers aren't actively thinking about what can come next for your designs, and that's what sets Pixel Fiesta apart from other unlimited design firms.

Do you offer custom plans?

Are you liking what you see, but not sure of the correct plan? We offer custom plans to fit your needs, so feel free to book a meeting with us so we can discuss just that!

Can I request more than one design at a time?

Yes you may, but they are all entered into your queue. Depending on the plan you choose, one or two designers will be working on your requests at a time.

Do you offer a free trial?

You can sign up right now and not pay a cent. Every plan comes with a seven day trial. If you don't feel that Pixel Fiesta is a right fit for you after that, you can cancel no questions asked!

What services do you cover?

Maybe we should've asked, what services do we not offer... Here's what we currently offer and you can check out our portfolio here.

Social Media Graphics, Newsletters, Logos, Social Media Ads, Thumbnail Images, Infographics, Business Cards, Static Display Ads, Pitch Decks, Banner Ads, Blog Banners, Icons, Resumes, Ecommerce Graphics, T-shirt Graphics, Menu Design, Books and Ebook Covers, Brochures, Direct Mail, Packaging, Event Graphics, Flyers and Posters, Presentations, Merchandise, Billboards, Email Banners, Podcast Graphics, Stickers, Catalogs and more!

Is there a contract & can I cancel at anytime?

There is never any contracts at Pixel Fiesta, we don't like the cable company just as much as you for this very reason.

You can cancel at anytime but we will hate to see you go.

I have multiple businesses. Can I use one Pixel Fiesta account?

The quick answer? Yes! It doesn't matter how many companies you want to use Pixel Fiesta for, it's unlimited. When you are using it for multiple brands, just make sure you specify that when requesting designs.

Did you add an extra box to make things more symetrical?

Yes, yes we did. Any other questions, feel free to contact us at